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Video of Piglets Taking a Nap Is Going Viral for the Cutest Reason

A video that was recently uploaded to the @fisshsouup TikTok account has already racked up 3 million views, all thanks to the sweet, unexpected reaction a group of sleeping piglets had to their (presumed) caretaker's voice. 

In the clip, you'll see the little pigs all huddled together for a snooze in the barn, and then you'll hear a woman start talking and giving them all sorts of compliments. Take a look and pay attention to what happens every time she says kind words to them.

Were you expecting their little ears to perk up like that?! It must be some sort of innate reaction to hearing noise in general, but to see them react to being told they're special and loved is nothing short of adorable.

Some of the people in the comments are so moved by these sweet little piggies that they're vowing to go vegan, or at least vegetarian. @Imperfect Mom said, I’m never eating another piece of bacon😭🥺." There's actually quite a bit of concern from other TikTok users that these sweet, precious pigs might be raised for food, and they're very upset over that possibility. There was a comment from @Michelle, saying, "Please tell me you’re a farm rescue and these won’t be eaten 😳."

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Another commenter, @Alicia Wistrand, pointed out that their little ear movements show just how smart pigs are as a species, saying, "They are so intelligent and social."

It's impossible to deny that the way their little ears start flapping is pretty darn irresistible, and they're just so cute in general. We sure hope they had a restful nap and truly are well cared for and loved!

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