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Baby Caught 'Talking' to His Favorite Horse in Sweet Family Video

Babies and dogs often develop strong bonds and become the best of friends, but have you ever seen a horse and an infant sharing a special moment together? You will, after viewing this TikTok video that was shared by @rancher9118. It shows the most precious interaction between a baby and "his horse," and it'll totally melt your heart.

In the clip, you'll see the horse leaning over the baby car seat, intently focused on the little one who's inside. If you turn the sound up on your video, you'll hear cute little baby "talking" sounds coming from Cooper, which is the child's name.

What a beautiful, tender, sweet moment for this family to have captured on video! This is such a wonderful memory that this baby's parents can show him as he grows up. People are incredibly moved by the clip and were quick to leave comments talking about how much they enjoyed it. One commenter @julieH0978 said, "Your horse is saying, 'Hey little buddy, wait till you get bigger, we're going to have great adventures together.'" 

Another TikTok user, @Lakayla Jackson noted, "I heard that horses can hear your heart beat from 4 feet away?👀 💕." The creator of the video replied with, "I believe so. When I was pregnant, he always had his ears forward and would smell my belly and always watch as he was near me." (Aww. Too sweet.)

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And @Baby Mia noticed yet another special detail about the encounter, saying, "He had his pinkie up. He pinkie promised him something. 🥺."

The connection between little Cooper and his horse is sure to get even stronger as time goes on, especially when he's old enough to actually ride him! That moment will certainly make for yet another memorable video.

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