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Beagle Lovingly Hugs His Goose Best Friend in Touching Video

When it comes to docile dog breeds, Beagles are known for their sweet and calm dispositions. And one Beagle in particular is so caring, he just couldn't resist putting his arm around a goose and giving it a loving hug. Yes, a goose. 

The video of the dog and the goose is picking up steam on Reddit, and it's easy to see why, given how touching the moment between the two animals is. 

Aren't these two just the cutest? As you can see, the poster captioned the video with, "What Disney movie is this?" And their sweet hug really does look like something out of a Disney movie doesn't it? Reddit users were quick to give their suggestions for the title of the hypothetical film in the comments.

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Here are some of the best possible titles that people have come up with so far: Beauty and the Geese, The Honk and the Hound, Beauty and the Beagle, Ducky and the Tramp.

Some commenters weighed in on what sort of scene would be happening between the two animals. @Knekten66 said, "These two are either about to save some kid's life, or they just did, and the credits will roll any minute. Love it." Then @King_Cane_Corso added, "I don't know which Disney movie it is, but if it is Disney, they're consoling each other over the death of a parent." (Sad, but so true, right?)

Wouldn't you love to have more of the back story, here? Are the dog and goose pet siblings? Or have they never met before and this was just some sort of chance encounter? Where were they headed when they walked out the door. So. Many. Questions.

But whatever the scenario might be, the friendship between them is just so innocent, pure, and moving. Take note, Disney. These two just might be the inspiration for your next big box office hit.

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