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Black Labrador Crashes Pugs' Birthday Party and Everyone Feels So Sorry for Them

Throwing birthday parties for dogs has definitely become a thing in more recent years. After all, they love being the center of attention and having a celebration just as much as humans, right? Well, one doggie birthday party was captured on a video that was shared on TikTok by @mamavalley, and let's just say things didn't quite go as planned.

In the clip, you'll see two absolutely adorable Pugs sitting at a table with bunny ears on while a woman sings Happy Birthday in the background. There's a Black Labrador sitting on one side of the two pups who was in attendance at the party. The video is captioned with, "Never invite a Lab to your birthday," and you'll understand why after watching it.

OMG! Those poor little pugs didn't stand a chance against that hungry Lab! And they were sitting there so patiently, waiting for the signal to eat their treats. One TikTok user, @NReed noted, "The Lab was plotting from the moment his bunny ears flopped." @MGF said, "Lab was like, 'It all comes down to this moment, I’ve been preparing for this my whole life. Winner takes all.'" 

Another commenter, @danaanderson1103 joked, "Me after a day of dieting." HA! So true, right? (Give us ALL the cake). @BonzosRightFoot added, "Please tell me the Pugs eventually got a piece of cake 😥." Gosh, we sure hope they did, too. The woman who shared the video indicated that these are not her dogs, so there's no way to know for sure. But man, those poor little pups certainly deserved to get their fair share. Whoever they belong to, that person might want to think twice about having the Lab come to the party next year!

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