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Blind Dog Is So Proud After Finding a Ball at the Park

A new TikTok video from @apafordogs has over 6.8 million likes, and it's all thanks to a blind dog named Arnold who is capturing the hearts of people everywhere. The clip starts off with a caption reading, "This is Arnold. Arnold can't see. Sometimes Arnold finds treasures at the park all by himself and is very proud of himself."

The video is only about 13 seconds long, and you'll see this sweet boy prancing around the icy grass and stumbling across what appears to be a tennis ball. He picks it up, carries it back towards the person holding the camera, and what happens next will totally make you smile. 

Oh, Arnold! Could you possibly be any cuter? He was so excited after finding that ball and so proud that he didn't even know what to do with himself. And how about that excited bark he let out? Commenter @Keeks said, "I was so caught off guard by that noise he made 😂😂 So cute!"

Yep. We all couldn't help but chuckle at his delight over the ball.

So many TikTok users are falling immediately in love with Arnold, with several even saying, "I would literally die for Arnold." 

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Even @weratedogs couldn't resist this adorable pup, saying, "Arnold is now the treasure. Protect Arnold at all costs." 

Indeed! (Who wouldn't?)

BARK also left a comment and wants to shower Arnold with attention, saying, "He did so good! 🥰 could we send Arnold some toys for those days he doesn’t find treasure?" 

There's really nothing more delightful than seeing a pup get so enthused over something that seems so commonplace in the dog world. However, given that this guy is unable to see, it's understandable why he's so proud of himself every time he happens to find another "treasure."

Let's hope that Arnold's mom continues to share more videos of him having his adventures in the park. We'll be anxiously waiting to see what sorts of goodies he finds next! 

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