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Clever Boston Terrier Uses the Toilet Like a Human in Viral Video

Going on walks with our dogs is so enjoyable, but when the weather is bad and they need to go outside to to their business, it can be less than desirable! One lucky dog owner doesn't have to worry about going outdoors with his pup on rainy days, however. In a viral video that was shared on TikTok by @onelifekg, you'll see a Boston Terrier who uses the toilet (almost) just like a human.

The clip has 5.7 million views, and the text on the video reads, "My dog hates peeing alone." You'll see the one pup doing his business and using the commode while his sibling stands patiently next to him, waiting for him to finish. 

LOL! What a pair these two are! It's so adorable how loyal they are to each other. But while their little bathroom routine is the focus of the video, let's get back to the real question on everyone's brains. How in the heck did this pup learn how to use the toilet? TikTok users are wondering the same thing. @Shayla Demps joked, "Does everyone on TikTok get their dogs from the same place? Because these don’t be regular dogs 🥴😂." HA! So true. 

Another commenter, @Rachelawag added, "That’s a Boston for you. Thinks him's a human." And plenty of people are pointing out the little fart that he did at the end, though that's neither here nor there. As @Southern Yankee perfectly stated, "He aims better than most men I know, therefore I will overlook the fart." Indeed.

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These two are definitely the best of friends 'til the end, as is evident from another video the creator shared. Check out how excited these pups were to see their brand new house!

Hmm. Wonder if they found the bathrooms to be up to their standards? Fingers crossed. 

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