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Bulldog's Clever Plan to Sneak Treats While Mom Naps Backfires Miserably

Dogs are sneaky little friends, always weaseling their way into trouble. Some owners have to keep door closed to make sure their pets don't rip apart shoes, clothes, and even couches. Other times, you have to hide the food because a dog's nose can easily sniff out the treats. And in one particular household, the pet parents have to be constantly on alert, even when napping! 

An adorable English Bulldog thought he was being sneaky while his owner was taking a snooze. A video of the pup was shared on TikTok by @walterenglishbulldog, and shows the dog wasn't as sly as he thought! After hearing some odd noises that woke her up, the owner walks up to Walter and finds him head deep in a box of treats. Caught red handed! Wait until you see his priceless reaction!

To be fair, as TikTok users are pointing out, the box of treats were left on the ground. It was just an open invitation for Walter to snag a treat himself! "Walter: 'I saw you were napping and didn't want to bother you, so I helped myself 😌,'" commented @Alicia. @Peanut added, "He's like, 'I'm not doing anything, I'm getting a snack 😁.'"

His guilty face is so cute, though. He knew he messed up, but as @Ben Who Is Bored said, "He was being a good boy so he rewarded himself." That's a reward we will allow him to keep! 

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Also, he was considerate with only taking one treat. Most dogs would devour that whole box. Or was he thinking he'd have time to go back for more? "I thought he was chowing… that’s adorable that it took him that long to grab one bone 😂💚," said @Aschyr. "At least he wasn’t greedy and only took one. 😇," wrote another commenter. It's true! This is one very good boy.

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