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Sad Bulldog Pouts Like a Baby After Mom Fails to Get Him a Pup Cup

Any pup parent will tell you that when their dog hears the words "pup cup," it totally makes their day! They just can't resist getting their special treat when out running errands with mom and dad. But one poor Bulldog couldn't hide his disappointment over his mom's failure to get him a pup cup, to the point that he pouted like a little baby. 

The video of the sad dog was shared on TikTok by @baileychamberz, and with over 800,000 views, it's plain to see that everyone feels absolutely terrible for this poor guy. Watch how he sticks his nose straight into the back seat of the car, and then wait for him to turn around at the end. The look on his face is absolutely pitiful.

Aww! Get that man a pup cup RIGHT NOW! He was just so darn heartbroken, we can't even. TikTok users feel just as terrible for the dog as we do. @Magnolia B. Puffins said, "Poor Baby! 🥺 He sure knows how to work it! 😂." Another commenter, @Orange Hibiscus added, "Well, they need to get un-busy. Somebody better get that fur baby a pup cup. 😢." Then there was @Keith Miller, who chimed in with, "Poor Baby! I can't stand it!"

Well, apparently neither could mom, and we're happy to report that she did get this sweet boy his well-deserved pup cup, In the comments, she said, "Don’t worry, guys, he got everything he wanted today AFTER his vet appointment. 😂🥰 He is spoiled rotten." We're so happy to hear that he finally got his pup cup after all! Hopefully, his reward will come a little bit sooner the next time he's out in the car with mom!

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