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Video of Cockatoo Looking for His Dad While He's at Work Is Just the Best

Aww. It's so sad to think about just how much our pets miss us when we're at work. And that isn't just limited to dogs and cats, either. Birds can develop very strong bonds with their owners, like this adorable talking cockatoo named Buster who stood at the door looking for his dad while he was at work for the day. 

The video of the little bird was shared on TikTok by @busterthecockatoo, and Buster is so precious with what he says about his dad being done that you just might want to run out and get your very own cockatoo as well. He starts off by saying, "At work," when asked if he's looking for his dad, and then it escalates from there.

"He's probably doing stuff right now. I'll catch a breath." Good grief! Could this bird be any more irresistible? He's just too cute. TikTok users are also falling in love with Buster. @Caution Gemini Here loved what he had to say and noted, "🥰 I'm going to use that as my new mantra...."I'll catch a breath. ♥️ Can totally use that." @HotMamaHampton added, "The vocabulary!!! That’s amazing!! 😍." And @boopbooppow thinks this bird is far too advanced and said, "That's a reincarnated person, that's not a bird." (You never know.)

@Seabeeheathen24 had a special request, saying, "Show what happens when he gets home! 🥰." Yes, please! We'd all love to see Buster's reaction and hear what he says when dad finally returns for the day.

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If this earlier video of Buster and his dad is any indication, we're guessing he'll have a lot to say.

LOL! What an amazing little character he is.

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