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Abused Cat Abandoned at Rest Stop Aptly Named 'Highway' by Rescuers

For anyone who loves animals, it's impossible to fathom how anyone could do them any harm. Sadly, it does happen, however. Last week, an injured and presumably abused cat was found abandoned at a Connecticut rest stop on I-95 in Darien. While it's not clear who actually found the poor kitty, police responded and alerted animal control.

An officer named Allyson Halm arrived at the rest stop to examine the cat, and she discovered that he was suffering from two broken legs and also had an injured right eye, which only furthered speculation that he is likely a victim of animal abuse. The Hartford Courant reports that Halm thought he'd been at the rest stop the entire weekend before help arrived. Thankfully, this sweet guy, aptly named "Highway" by his rescuers, is now safe and sound at Pet Animal Welfare Society of Norwalk (PAWS), where he underwent surgery to remove his injured eye. The organization posted an update to Facebook to let everyone know he's in good hands now!

While it's so heartbreaking to see what horrific condition this poor cat was in, it's wonderful that he found his way to an amazing group of people who are dedicated to not only caring for him, but for so many other animals who are in need of medical care and assistance. 

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Many commenters asked how they could help with Highway's recovery, or how they can donate to help other animals in need that are in the group's care. PAWS is directing anyone who would like to help to their main website

As for what the future holds for Highway, we sure hope that surgeons are able to repair his legs so that he can go on to make a full recovery and, hopefully, find the loving forever home that he so deserves. 

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