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Cat Sweetly Apologizes After Upsetting Dog in Viral Video

While there are some cats that are incredibly sweet-natured, others can be pretty feisty and mischievous! Of course, then there are those rare felines who happen to be a bit of both. Take, for instance, a cat who was caught on video apologizing to the family dog after getting under his skin. 

The clip has 2.9 million views and was uploaded to the @daily.animal.videos on TikTok last week. At first, you'll see the cat trying to bite the dog's paws, which it's probably safe to assume was an attempt to get the pup to play. But apparently he just wasn't in the mood for playtime, based on his annoyed reaction. What the cat does next after realizing the dog is upset is so sweet, you won't even believe it. Does this look like a legit apology to you, or what?

The way the cat reaches out and pats the dog is just too adorable! It was like, "Oh! I'm so sorry. I'll stop bothering you, now. Can we still be friends?"

One commenter, @sugiartimrsrudi had the perfect reaction to the apology, saying, "A gentleman admits it when they did something wrong..😂." And plenty of people think the cat's move was just so adorable.

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However, there are plenty of people who think the cat had ulterior motives. @Jonnie said, "That cat is up to something 😂." And @Duncan Welch added, "Nah the cat ain’t saying sorry, just preparing for another attack." @Daniel McIntosh added, "That’s not sorry, that’s him getting the last word 😅."

There is one other possibility to what might be going on between the cat and dog that was brought up by other TikTok users. One, @cheikofficial, said, "The dog is blind, and that's the way the cat is trying to tell him it's him 😭." If you watch the video again, it does kind of look like the dog isn't directly focused on anything.

Oh, my goodness. If that's the case, then this cat is even more endearing than we originally thought. Whatever is truly taking place in the video, however, this cat really does appear to be a sweetheart.

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