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Cat Attacks Bird on TV Screen and Dog's Reaction Is Priceless

Cats will be cats, and no matter how domesticated they are, it's in their nature to want to attack small animals, namely birds, mice, and the like. And after seeing this viral TikTok video of a cat attacking a blue bird on the TV screen, it's hard not to laugh at the little guy's (or gal's) confusion.

Given how advanced technology is these days and how real things appear on our high-definition TVs, it's no wonder that this particular feline got confused upon seeing birds fluttering around on the screen. Watching the cat spring into action in an attempt to go after one of the birds is funny enough as it is, but just wait until you see how the dog resting in the background reacts.

Hilarious, right?! As of today, the video has over 3.2 million views, and it's easy to see why. It gets funnier every time you hit play!

TikTok users are loving this one, with tens of thousands of comments pouring in. Of course, the majority of them were centered around the dog. One user, @Livinfine60 summed up the pup's reaction perfectly, saying, "The dog: see mom that's why we can't have nice things." Another commenter, @The Custard Co. added, "The dog was like, 'ya see, this is what I have to put up with.'" 

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It really does look like the dog was glancing back at someone sitting on the couch as if to say, "You saw that, right?" Odds are good that this is a pretty regular occurrence in that household. Sure, the pup was startled, but it's clear that this isn't the cat's first rodeo with the TV.

One TikTokker, @Wen Cassi, thought the cat was on a mission and chimed in with, "The cat's trying to teleport into the TV to catch the bird. He misunderstood the assignment!"

One thing's for sure, if this feisty kitty ever ventures outside, the pet parents should probably expect to find a little "gift" on their doorstep. (Watch out, birdies!)

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