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Cat Captured on Video 'Begging' for Cat Cafe to Open

If you've ever been to a cat cafe, then you know what a wonderful experience it can be. Where else can you enjoy a good cup o' joe while getting some welcome kitty cuddles at the same time? One cat evidently enjoys interacting with humans just as much. In a video that was recently uploaded to TikTok by @tallycatcafe, you'll see a cat wailing while waiting for the doors of the cafe to open.

After viewing it, you'll understand why it's going viral and already has over 1.4 million views. It's captioned with, "Wally needs more than we can provide," and the "more" is referring to "cuddles from strangers." 

Sheesh. Why don't you just go ahead and break our collective hearts already? Poor Wally! Who wouldn't want to pick him up and snuggle him immediately after hearing his pleas? 

People who saw the video feel the same way and let it be known in the comments. @Gia Loane said, "Give me 30 minutes to get my shoes on and drive across town, little one!" And @Nina Sova added, "I’m putting my shoes on right now, tell me what I should put in my GPS???" One fan of Tally, @Ashley Thoerner, has been to the cafe before and let everyone know, "We went to Tally a couple months ago and were the first ones there. We were mobbed the moment we step in. It was amazing."

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The Tally Cat Cafe also posted a comment with a little more information about Wally for anyone who is interested in giving him a forever home. It reads, "We’re in Tallahassee FL, and our website with adoption info is This is Wally, a neutered, 1 year 6 month old boy who loves love!"

Odds are good that Wally will be adopted any day now, if he hasn't been already since the video is posted. (They're probably getting flooded with calls about him.) We sure hope whoever takes him home gives him plenty of snuggles each and every day!

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