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Cat Begs for Food Just Like a Dog and We Can't Get Enough

Dogs are notorious for begging for food whenever their humans' mealtime rolls around, but cats? Usually, they couldn't care less about what's being served at the table. However, at least one cat, a fluffy orange feline named Walter, isn't shy about asking his mom for a bite or two.

She shared a video of his begging on his TikTok account, @walter.the.catt, and it's so funny, it has 3.5 million views. People just can't get enough of this comical cat standing on two legs and begging with his little paws just like he's a dog asking for scraps.

LOL! Good to hear that no unfortunate "pantaloon" accidents happened in the making of this video. Walter's mom was quick to share that he did, in fact, get fed after all, saying, "He eats when I eat, but he eats faster hoping I will share 😂, so don't worry, he actually did get food as well."

Commenters are loving Walter's savvy begging skills. @heydriene noted the moment he realized the begging wasn't working: "The resigned acceptance in his eyes." @Kini finds Walter so endearing, adding, "Begging may not be polite, but it’s sooo cute 🥺." 

And @Victoria Rose summed up how we all feel about Walter quite nicely, saying, "Ugh! Walter is the CUTEST!!!!!!!!!"

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Indeed, he is. With 2 million TikTok followers, Walter is becoming quite the star in his own right. Another commenter on the video, @Abandoned operator thinks he has something special, saying, "God, that cat needs his own comic." (Move over, Garfield!)

And Walter doesn't even really have to try hard to captivate fans, either. His mom shares many videos documenting his pure cuteness, like this one, where he's showing off his favorite toy.

OMG. Somebody send this cat a box full of stuffed toys, stat! He couldn't be any more adorable sitting there with his Ikea monkey.

Or how about this clip of him trying to be all sneaky at dinnertime?

Priceless! Walter is just such a gem. 

Please excuse us while we head back over to his TikTok account to soak up some more of his precious personality.

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