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Cat Begs to Get Into 'Locked' Office Even Though the Door's Wide Open

Aww. Animals. They're so darn cute, and even though they're the smartest of creatures sometimes, in other instances, they kind of miss the boat on things. And just wait until you see this video of a cat who's begging his owner to get into his "locked" office, even though the door happens to be wide open.

The clip was uploaded to TikTok by @ben_and_sarah, and with over 776,000 views and 93,000 likes, people are clearly taken with this cat's lovable cluelessness. The text on the video reads, "My cat really thinks he's locked out of my office." But as you'll clearly see, he's pawing at one half of a set of French doors while the other one is wide open. 

Haha! "The door is open, just go around!" You gotta love how the cat just looked at him like, "What the heck? Why won't you let me in?" That stare at the end was just the best. People are totally falling in love with this kitty after seeing the clip. One commenter, @junebungh thought he was pulling a fast one on his owner, saying, "He totally knows it’s open. He is just being dramatic." And @megthehumanbeing added, "This proves it’s not the closed door, it’s the power of making their human get up and do things for them."

@Alyssia Humble joked, "How dare you close 1/2 doors on him... It doesn’t matter that he can go through the open one!" @Skylar Norman added, "Well, you should’ve had both of the doors open."

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Maybe the laundry basket is what was throwing him off? Or perhaps he was just being dramatic and was hoping to get his human's attention? Whatever the case might be, this is one very funny, entertaining, irresistible kitty!

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