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Owners of Cat Cafe in Ukraine Refuse to Close or Leave Their Beloved Animals

The images and videos coming out of Ukraine over the past week have been nothing short of heartbreaking, as the invasion by Russia is forcing people to flee their country in search of safety. Keep in mind that a lot of them have pets who are beloved family members. Other countries, such as Poland, are assuring Ukraine citizens that they can come into the country with their animals without any sort of papers for them.

However, making the decision to leave is not an easy, one, and as CNN reported, the owners of a cat cafe in Ukraine are not only refusing to leave their cats behind, but they've also kept the cafe open in the wake of all that's happening.

"The couple who stays for the love of their cats was just a small ray of brightness on what was, for all of us here, a pretty sobering and dark day." Wow. A ray of brightness, indeed. The devotion these people have for their animals is something so many pet owners can relate to. It's simply unfathomable to think of ever leaving them behind, no matter what the circumstances might be.

This cat cafe isn't the only example of people who are showing love and care for animals in Ukraine. The hashtag, #catsofukraine, is on Twitter, and there are so many images being shared by people wanting to support those who live there, like these photos of soldiers with cats.

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Again, countries like Poland are stepping up and want to help in any way they can.

Perhaps the only shining light in any situation like this is the kindness of strangers and people reaching out to try and help others who are going through something so unimaginable.

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