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Dog's Disbelief Over the Cat Eating His Food Is Downright Comical

Don't you just love how cat just go about their business and do whatever they want like it's no big deal? They don't really care who's watching, even if it's their owner, as was the case for one kitty in particular who decided to help himself to the dog's food. A video of the confident cat was uploaded to TikTok by @therealedbassmaster, and with 1.2 million views, it's clear that people are getting a kick out of Robert, the cat's, bold move.

In the clip, you'll hear the owner of the pets telling the dog that Robert is eating his food, and instead of immediately rushing over to the bowl, check out the look of disbelief on the pup's face.

LOL! Did he think his dad was bluffing? Plenty of people are laughing at the clip, and it's Robert who's getting all the attention. @Codeman87 joked, "Robert owns the house, he pays the bills, and eats everyone’s food." And @Blaine added, "Robert is a legend." @Lish was upset that Robert got tattled on, saying, "Don’t do Robert like that😅."

Apparently, this wasn't the first time that Robert went after his brother's food bowl. A similar clip was uploaded just one day prior to the first one, and it has over 2 million views. 

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Everyone loved this one as well. @Anthony Rogers joked that this must be a regular thing for the cat, saying, "Looks like Robert gets to the food quite a bit 😅." 

This pup probably needs to keep better tabs on his bowl from here on out. It sure doesn't look like Robert has any intention of keep his nose off his plate anytime soon! 

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