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Hungry Cat Gives the Saddest Pout When Mom Denies Him More Food

It's always kind of a bummer when mealtime is over and you have to wait until whenever the next standard meal happens to be, and one cat in particular clearly feels the same way. The video of this hungry guy was shared by @colossalmeme on TikTok, and it's going viral with over 7.5 million views, all because of the sad, little, pouting meow that he gives when he realizes he won't be getting fed anytime soon.

In the clip, you'll hear the cat's mom say, "Do you want to eat? No, it's not time. You just ate." When you hear the cat's sad response, you'll feel so bad for the poor little thing! Seriously, it's just pitiful! 

Are you even believing his sad little meow? He even turned his head down in disappointment. Somebody get this sweet baby a snack right away! Naturally, viewers of the video feel just as bad for this cat as everyone else. 

One user, @gracie said, "Give him his food and his treats now." (We second that.) And @Hyennafer added, "Poor little heart….Please give him a treat for his cuteness!" After seeing and hearing just how heartbroken he was, @cherrytrsr admitted, "I physically felt pain." She's not the only one! @leakruegs said, "Omg, my heart died."

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The pleas from commenters to give him whatever he wants went on and on, as pretty much everyone who watched this clip is in agreement that even just a small snack certainly wouldn't hurt.

This must be a regular thing with this fellow, as it's pretty obvious that the woman in the video knew what his reaction would be when she asked if he wanted to eat. But it sounds like he's well cared for and just had a perfectly good meal and is just begging for seconds. Who can blame him? Let's just hope that his next feeding time wasn't all that far off after the clip was filmed!

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