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Video of Cat Crying for His Owner at Night Will Break Your Heart

Given how much we love our pets, it makes it so difficult to leave them when we go out of town. While dogs are more prone to separation anxiety than cats, you might have wondered if your kitty actually does miss you when you're not there. One cat mom found out the cold, hard truth after a nanny cam captured a video of her kitty crying all night when she went out of town for the first time.

The poor little guy can be seen walking from room to room while crying out for her, and it's just heartbreaking! The owner shared the video to TikTok and captioned it with, "The most depressing thing to see on the nanny cam when you're out of town!"

OMG. After watching the clip, it's hard not to start crying along with the cat! It's clear that the owner, @disparate_divotcha felt absolutely terrible about her baby being upset while left alone. Sadly, some of the commenters on the video are being pretty harsh and calling her out for leaving the cat alone in the first place. Cats are much more independent than dogs, and as long as they have plenty of fresh water, food, and are in a comfortable, safe space, they should be just fine on their own for short periods of time.

Thankfully, there were quite a few people who came to this woman's defense to reassure her that she's a perfectly wonderful cat mom. One commenter, @OceanDoggie, made a great point, saying, "The fact you set up a baby cam for your cat speaks volumes. Most people don’t even bother doing that. You’re a good kitty mama." The owner appreciated the support and responded with, "Thank you!! The negative feedback I’m getting is so hurtful, especially since I put a ton of money and preparation into arranging care for him 😓."

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We hope that she'll cut herself some slack and won't feel too terribly guilty. If nothing else, the fact that her cat misses her just goes to show how loved he feels!

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