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Cat's Meow Is So Deep He Sounds Like an Old Man

It's always incredible to hear animals that sound like human beings, like the case of the cat who kept saying "hello" to her owner in a recent viral social media video.

But another video that was shared on TikTok in late January is picking up a ton of steam, as it highlights a cat who has "the deepest meow in the world." The little guy's voice is so deep, in fact, that he sounds like an old man saying, "No." 

Many commenters said that the sound wasn't what they were expecting when viewing the video.

And plenty of people are questioning whether or not the meow coming from the cat in question is actually real, given how unbelievable it is for a cat to sound this way. 

After some digging around, it does appear to be legit, though the original clip was shared on YouTube in 2015. Apparently, the cat's name is Jack, he suffers from laryngeal paralysis, and his voice began sounding like this after having surgery.

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What a sweet little guy! Given that the YouTube video has over 34 million views, it's not surprising that the TikTok clip is sitting at 19.8 million.

Here's another video of Jack where people think they hear him saying, "Whoa."

While there's no way to 100 percent know that Jack does indeed sound like that and the videos aren't altered, one thing's for sure: he's a lovable kitty, regardless of what his meow sounds like! 

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