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Spoiled Cat Hilariously Demands Help From Mom to Get Onto the Couch

LOL. No matter how hard we try, it's really downright impossible not to spoil our pets sometimes. They give us so much joy and unconditional love, so it's only natural for us to want to go above and beyond for them. In a new TikTok video shared by @reznor_the_cat, we get to see just how spoiled one cat in particular is.

The clip is going viral with 2 million views, and for good reason. In the footage, you'll hear the cat's mom explain how he was staring at her and meowing, and at first, she wasn't quite sure why. But then it dawns on her that this little guy wants her to help him get onto the couch, with the assistance of a step stool.

Haha! He was like, "Thank you, ma'am! I needed a boost." People are loving just how spoiled this cat is. @DaOogieBoogie said, "He requires his royal stool." @Elliot Olinskypops put it perfectly, saying, "Cats just run us and we allow it." (LOL. So do dogs.) Another TikTok user, @Dan Cox added, "Good boy, Reznor! Way to communicate your needs, king 🥰." He certainly is a king indeed! And @James Doughty97 joked, "Nice to know my cats aren't the only ones who haven't forgotten they were worshipped in Ancient Egypt 😂."

As it turns out, this sweet guy actually has a bad tailbone, according to his mom, who let people know in the comments. That would explain why he needs a little bit of extra help to get on and off the furniture. Still, you gotta love that he just kept staring at his mom until she took the hint. And given just how cute this guy is, giving him an extra boost is really not too much to ask!

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