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Cat Scolded by Mom After Getting Too Personal With His Feline Sibling

Has your cat ever done something weird and you've thought to yourself, "What on earth is happening, here?" That's exactly what happened to a pet parent who witnessed one of her cats, Percy, deliberately placing his front paw on a very personal area of his feline sibling. She shared the video of what went down on her TikTok account, @my_purrfect_catastrophe, and not surprisingly, it's going viral with 2.3 million views.

She captioned the clip with, "LOL STOP WHY DID HE DO THAT 🤣🤣🤣 #nomeansnooooooo," and while she calls Percy out for his rude and inappropriate behavior, she can't help but crack up over the fact that he had the audacity to make a move like this.

What in the heck was he trying to do? Was he really going for the other cat's, ahem, behind, or was he simply just trying to get a good playtime session going? Huh.

Naturally, people couldn't wait to weigh in on the interaction, and everyone is getting a good laugh out of the cat's boldness. @Nessacat24 thought, "He said 'I want to make it personal.'" Another TikTok user, @K made the perfect joke, saying, "He was just very concerned about his friends health! He told him to cough but instead he started a fight 🤷‍♀️." @Alwaysfindingpennies thought the same thing, adding, "He really gave him a hernia exam before throwing down 😂."

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For anyone who was wondering what went down after the clip ended, the creator shared a follow-up video of the rest of the wrestling match.

They definitely went at it, but it looks like they were certainly having a good time! Even in the cat world, a little bit of sibling rivalry never hurt anyone, right?

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