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Video of Cat Hopping in His Stroller to Go on a Playdate Is Simply the Best

An adorable cat friendship on TikTok has us all planning a trip to see our best friends! TikTok user @maximustheragdoll posted a clip that has reached over 1.6 million views and 138.9K likes. Maximus knew exactly what was happening as soon as his mom brought out his stroller. Time for a cat playdate with his best pal, Maya! 

In the clip, Maximus, a Ragdoll Cat, runs towards a stroller that his mom is prepping. She didn't even have time to get it unfolded before Maximus hopped right up! There was no time to waste because Maya was waiting for them! You'll see Maximus and his mom roll down the streets of NYC in fashion. And then, of course, they arrive at Maya's house! His reaction to seeing his friend is everything.

Aww! Have you ever seen something so adorable?! We hope they get playdates all the time. "I love that tail 😭😍🤩 like a big floof," said @Katherine Elliott. All of Maximus is a big floof, and we love him! 

Cat parents are asking where this stroller is from, which you can find on Chewy. The official TikTok account for @Chewy even commented. "We are honored that Max uses our stroller for walkies," the company said. The video creator said, "It’s the highlight of his day 😊." Aww! 

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If you thought the video couldn't get any cuter, here's part two showing how their playdate went. All we know is that they're BFFs! 

Aww! They loved seeing each other, and we're sure they played the entire day. "When you said 'Guys!' and they looked at you like 'What? We were just playing’😂," wrote @A.Darvai. This is likely just the beginning of several future playdates to come with these adorable two!

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