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Cat Hops Onto Horse Like He's About to Hitch a Ride

A video that was shared on Reddit earlier this week is picking up quite a bit of steam due to the unlikely and rare friendship it showcases! The clip was posted on the "AnimalsBeingBros" channel, and it shows a clever black cat (who is wearing the cutest little sweater, if we might add) hopping onto a horse as if he's trying to hitch a ride with the animal.

The video is about 45 seconds long, and you have to watch it until the end. After the cat manages to claim his spot on the horse's back, it almost appears as if the horse is trying to figure out how the two of them can make a break for it. 

Doesn't it look like he's trying to unlatch the gate or something? These two are just the sweetest pair. The clip currently has 90 comments, and Reddit users are really loving this one. 

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One user, @anothadaz, echoed our sentiments about the duo attempting to ride off into the sunset, saying, "Looks like they're trying to make an escape." 

Others couldn't resist commenting on how stylish they both look. @TruthPeddler said, "They both have great fashion sense!" And @stsilvia added, "Yep, they're dressed up for the party." Then @aghasttheemperor said, "I was gonna say that cat looks really good in a short sleeve turtle neck sweater." (We do have to admit that the cat's sweater is very, very chic.)

But it was @katti0105 who summed up everyone's thoughts about these buddies the best, saying, "I can’t get over how cool they are." Neither can we!

It's kind of a bummer that the video didn't run longer so we could see if the horse eventually figured out how to get the gate open. It would've been pretty awesome to see the two of them set off on an adventure together.

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