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Cat Goes Through the McDonald's Drive-Thru Line and Instantly Becomes a Star

Who here has taken their pet through a drive-thru? It feels like a right of passage for them, usually earning a treat at the window in a form of a puppuccino. Some pets even come to expect their favorite treats if they go along on car rides often. However, usually dogs are the ones seen going through the drive-thru, not cats.

But for one Ragdoll Cat, apparently a fast food trip was in order. In a clip shared by TikTok user @hoomancallsmelulu, her cat looks unfazed during the drive-thru at a McDonald's. The feline is calm, cool and collected. Just wait until you see how the employee working the line reacts to the cat.

We've never seen any pet be so chill. Normally, we're too hangry to even say 'Thank you!' Or maybe this cat had other ideas circling around in her head like, 'Why is this employee obsessing over me?' or as @ToLoCo put it, "Excuse me, I know I am cute, but where are my chicken nuggets?😾." At least get her some fries! @Oli said, "Cat: 'um yaya where my catchino??'” Are catchinos a thing?! Sounds like they are now! 

@Jennie Marie said, "The way she looked at her after being noticed was immediate “stranger danger face” 😳😂." HA! In the employee's defense, she did say seeing a cat was rare! And it turns out employees love seeing animals at the window! (Who wouldn't?!) @Dale wrote, "We love animals through drive-thru!! My favorite so far is an actual piglet." Did he just say a piglet?! Now, that's something we'd pay to see.

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