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Cat's Jealous Reaction to Mom Petting Her Cat Sibling Is Just Too Good

LOL. It's so incredibly funny how animals are capable of feeling jealousy, whether it's over a human or another pet in the house. One cat in particular wanted her mom to know just how displeased she was by her paying attention to one of her feline siblings. In a new video that was shared on TikTok by @fatcat391, you'll see a fluffy, orange cat named Zoey get incredibly annoyed after her mom goes to pet one of the other cats.

Captioned with, "Oh no you didn't," it's impossible not to laugh out loud at what this jealous gal does when she sees mom loving on her cat sibling. 

OMG! The way she just kept hitting that food bowl against the floor, as if to say, "Excuse me, ma'am, but I'm RIGHT HERE and how DARE you pay attention to someone else when I clearly need food." Seriously, we cannot stop laughing at this funny girl. People who watched the video are loving the Zoey's reaction just as much. @Natasha Fiorelli summed things up perfectly, saying, "Respect the Queen 🥰." Another commenter, @Hm joked, "What guys be like when they're hungry but don't know how to use the stove 😂." HA! And @scosgrove74 added, "Aww, it's a cat's world... we just get allowed in it sometimes 😂." So true, right?

Apparently jealousy isn't the only thing that makes Zoey tap her bowl against the floor in angst. In this clip, she simply appeared to be trying to let mom know she was hungry!

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What a funny, sweet, smart kitty she is! If nothing else, she certainly gives her mom a good dose of pure entertainment each day. Keep the videos coming, please! 

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