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Cat's Incredible Jump Across Canal Has People on the Edge of Their Seats

A video of a cat jumping across a canal is popping up all over Reddit today, and it already has over 90,000 upvotes and nearly 1000 comments. We first saw the clip on the CatsWithJobs subreddit, where it was posted by @nicecasualredditguy, but it's being posted in other subreddit channels as well. The clip is really nothing short of unbelievable.

It shows an orange cat (presumed to be a stray), standing on the edge of a canal, and it's captioned with, "This cat making the most precise jump ever." At first, it's tough to tell where, exactly, the cat is even trying to jump to, until you realize there are small, square holes in the wall on the other side of the water. You'll hold your breath while watching this. Just trust us.

Um, are you kidding?! How in the heck?! Obviously, this isn't the first time the cat in question has made that leap, but it's pretty darn impressive, nonetheless.

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People weren't expecting the little cat to make it across, and definitely not directly into a hole on the other side. One Reddit user, @ApostleofNightfall said, "Anyone else thinking the cat was going to the top?" @I-cant-find-username replied with, "Thought it was just gonna jump up like it was on a trampoline, the outcome was even better." Another user, @Kaostick, didn't realize the feline was leaping over water and also thought the cat would jump to the top of the wall, saying, "I did, and the water didn't register to me at first, so I thought the reflection was some crazy deep gap."

It would really be interesting to learn more about where this video was taken, though it doesn't appear to be in the U.S., or at least not in any recognizable location. Wherever it was shot, it sure looks like this kitty has some very savvy street smarts!

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