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Maine Coon Cat Puts Cane Corso Puppy in Time Out in Hilarious Video

Watching cats and dogs interact is always so funny! Most of the time, cats want nothing to do with the dog and they will paw at a dog's face. Other times, you'll find the two animals being adorable best friends. But that's always a rare instance. No matter what, it seems as if the cat always runs the house, and this latest cat boss has us dying laughing! 

TikTok user @mrsleleux4life shared a clip that has brought in over 2.4 million views and 392.6K likes. The video shows his Maine Coon laying down the law in the house for the new Cane Corso puppy. The cat cornered this little pup to make sure he understood who is the boss. We've even terrified of getting on the wrong side of this cat! 

We lost it when you hear someone say, "I told you to leave him alone," and the puppy just puts his face down like he was defeated! Ha! Too funny! He was begging for help to get out of the situation. "Kitty like: did I say you could move yet?!? Doggo: no sir/mam (whispers: daddy please help me...) 😂," joked @Bjerrig Christensen, and @XLYX Bullies added, "Establishing dominance while it’s still small 😂." Really, this cat knew to strike early so the puppy doesn't get the wrong impression! 

@Amelia Foster said, "And that Cane Corso will grow up and remember who is boss. That cat is very smart." The creator responded, "I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone looking for Axel and Diesel has had him cornered up 😂." Sounds like this cat has had to lay down the law plenty of times! 

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"Maine Coon vs, Cane Corso, sounds like a pay per view fight 😂. In the corner, we have the defender facing off the champion for the undisputed belt," wrote @Anig George. 

We'll take bets on the cat every time! 

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