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Cat's Hilarious Reaction to Automatic Feeder Has People in Stitches

It really doesn't matter who you are. When mealtime rolls around, it's hard not to get a little bit excited about finally satisfying your hunger. One cat in particular certainly can't hide his elation over food, as is evident in a new video that his owner shared on TikTok by @couvieandkitty. With over a million views and 263,000 likes, it's easy to see why it's going viral. Actually, the original version of the video that was posted with music instead of original sound has over 8 million views.

The clip of the cat reacting to the automatic feeder has so many people cracking up, in fact, that it's also being shared on Reddit. Check out the original TikTok vid and prepare to be impressed with this cat's devotion to his food.

LOL! Guess this little guy knows what he wants and when he wants it! Hey, it's all about priorities, right? Even a good belly rub is no match for that feeder going off. TikTok users are totally impressed with how committed this cat is to mealtime and were quick to leave their reactions in the comments. One user, @puckish_rogue said, "It's about drive, it's about power, cat stay hungry, cat devour." Even the creator of the video couldn't resist replying to that one, saying, "That's genius." And @avapick chimed in with, "That cat would throw itself off a cliff and survive without a scratch to get to that feeder."

Other commenters could totally relate to this feline's excitement over his dinner. @Deyvid Enriquez noted, "Same reaction I have when my Doordash knocks on the door. 😂." And @Daniella Vignali-Cla had a very similar response with, "This is me when I hear the UberEats driver knock on the door 😂." We feel you. It's all of us! 

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Clearly, mealtime is just as entertaining for this cat's owners as it is for him. He deserves some extra treats afterward for his superhero-like running skills!

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