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Cat's Epic Reaction to Kitten Stealing His Bed Is Going Viral

Cats can be pretty territorial, and one video on TikTok that's going viral is more than enough proof! The clip was shared by @erriberri9 and has over 2.4 million views, and you'll understand why it's so popular after seeing it! 

It shows a precious little kitten, all curled up and snug in a cat bed, much to "someone's" dismay. The video is captioned with, "Bubbie's jealous over the kitten stealing his bed 🤣." Wait until you see how he sneaks up on the sleeping kitty and proceeds to voice his displeasure over his bed being taken over.

Haha! Aww, Bubbie. You're just like a kid who's upset over a younger sibling stealing their toy! 

Seriously though, the way he snuck up on the kitten, hissed, then slowly slipped back down onto the floor made a total statement. 

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Bubbie is gaining several fans for his sneaky behavior, as commenters couldn't resist chiming in. @Jordan McNaughton shared thoughts on what's likely running through the cat's mind: "Sleep little one. For it will be your last slumber alive. You shall pay for this treachery." (LMAO.)

And @Minmin added, "The slow rise and descent is killing me." @Bianca TMC thinks the cat has Hollywood potential, saying, "That was like a trailer to a scary movie for cats. Lol loved it." @Trigger thinks this video is only the beginning of what's to come, noting, "He’s definitely plotting something and it’s gonna be good."

The best part of the whole thing is how the kitten is completely oblivious to the cat even being nearby. Nothing was about to interrupt that cozy nap! What went down between these two honestly does look like a scene out of a movie, doesn't it? 

But if this is just the trailer, we'd give anything to see what happens next. Odds are good that there's probably some sort of major plot twist involved.

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