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Cat's Reaction to Woman Wearing a Mud Mask Is Totally Priceless

A new TikTok video of a cat getting the shock of its life after seeing a woman in its household (maybe mom?) wearing a facial mud mask is going viral, all thanks to the feline's absolutely priceless reaction. The clip was shared by @ya.lenok and has over 5 million views, which isn't surprising, given the puzzled look on the cat's face.

At the start of the clip, you'll see the fluffy orange cat standing in place staring at something or someone, and then the camera pans over to a woman, who has just applied a fresh mud mask to her face. She starts to chuckle, and then the video goes back to the cat, who seems totally confused.

We couldn't hear what sort of sound the cat was making since the man in the video was talking over it, but it looked like the feline was muttering something under its breath. Perhaps, "Who in the heck is that?!" or "What have you done to your face, lady?"

TikTok commenters agree that this poor kitty has never seen a face mask before. @Skeletrocity said, "Bro is flabbergasted!" @Tom Nook joked that the man's voice we heard was actually coming from the cat, saying, "So shocked he started speaking Ukrainian." @Stefanie Hernandez added, "He opens his mouth but the meows won’t come out 😂."

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Aww. Hopefully, once the woman in the mask finally washed it off, this sweet cat was able to take a deep breath and relax, knowing that all is well and the mask isn't permanent. Extra snuggles and treats were definitely in order after what this poor kitty had to endure!

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