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Cat Has an Unexpected Reaction to Freshly-Fallen Snow

There are plenty of photos and videos circulating on social media of dogs having a ball outside in the freshly-fallen snow, but cats don't typically like the white stuff, well, since they hate getting wet. However, a video that was shared on Reddit of a cat enjoying the snow while their owner shovels is picking up steam, thanks to how adorable it is.

The clip was posted by @u/millavi to the Animals Being Derps subreddit, and it shows the little grey and white cat deliberately getting in the path of the snow coming from the shovel and frolicking in it.

That little cat is just too cute! Sure, the dude shoveling probably had a tougher time getting the whole walk done without interference, but watching the kitty enjoy some good playtime was more than worth it.

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It's no wonder that the clip has over 46,000 upvotes and 259 comments from Reddit users. People can't get enough of this little cat! @BrdMommy said, "The plop of snow onto the kitty's head lol, that stole my heart right there." @PrincessSpiro pointed out just how happy the kitten is, noting, "I love videos like this where it's just cats choosing to be weird. There are so many possible escape routes here, the cat makes no effort to get up even after having snow dumped and being tossed! This is a good cat home." 

And some users, like @RossignolDeCosta, couldn't help but get a laugh out of the clip, adding, "I have been rewatching this and giggling every time for the last 10 minutes."

There's something that's just so sweet and innocent about an animal finding pure joy in a task that humans generally loathe. One thing's for sure, at least the next time it snows, the owner of this cat will get some great entertainment out of shoveling the walk and driveway.

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