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Dutiful Cat Patiently Waits to Retrieve the Mail Each Day in Funny Video

Delivering mail could go one of two ways with pets. They either love the postman or they will chase them right out of the yard. Oftentimes, you might see dogs greeting the mailman, expecting some type of treat. Other times, they could be barking the whole time. Have you ever seen how a cat reacts, though? 

A new TikTok video posted by @chase_mase highlights how this one cat deals with mail time. "This kitty gets the mail everyday," the caption reads. This adorable video has over 1.6 million views within the last three days. In the video, you'll see the mail carrier walking up to the front door. In the doorway, a black and white cat is waiting for him. The cat's eyes are closely following his every move, ready to collect the mail. Just wait and see what happens in the end! 

Did the mail even drop to the ground?! That little kitty grabbed it so fast! The cat also seemed disappointed by the postman, as if he was delivering the mail late for the day. "Little dude's on duty. Gave you the look like, 'you're 7 seconds late,'" said @Bree. If the cat is always this attentive, he needs a raise! 

"He’s got overdue bills give him a break," wrote @Rachel Berry and @Get back to work said, "He’s waiting for his tax returns." Well it is tax season, so we understand the feistiness! Apparently, this is normal for cats and those delivering mail. @Emily wrote, "Cats were the best part of my mail route. They get so feisty with the mail slots 😂." 

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"Cat looked back like “alright Chase nice work, see ya tomorrow 🐈‍⬛,” added @K B. And we hope we get to see them both tomorrow! We'd love to get updates on this interaction. Try not to be late again Mr. Mailman! 

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