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Cat's Long Journey to Reunite With Family After 8 Years Captured on Video

In what is one of the most heartwarming animal reunion stories we've ever heard, a cat named Ebi is finally going to reunite with her family after being missing for nearly 8 years. According to Knox News, Ebi was found as a stray in Riverside, California back in January, and she wound up in the care of Riverside County Animal Services. After the shelter checked her microchip, they got a hit, and it turns out, she belongs to the Drnec family of Bearden, Tennessee. Joe Drnec told Knox News, "It was quite a surprise to get that phone call. It brought my whole family to tears."

Ebi hopped on a plane yesterday with John Welsh of Riverside County Animal Services and started her trip to Knoxville, Tennessee. The organization shared a series of videos on Facebook, documenting her long journey. The first clip is of Ebi being put into the carrier to head to the airport.

During a layover at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, Ebi apparently had no interest in having a snack and instead, relaxed in her posh travel house.

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Here's another shot of this sweet kitty getting ready for takeoff. She'll be a regular air travel pro after this trip! Next stop, Nashville, Tennessee!

After arriving in Nashville, Ebi reportedly traveled by car to Knoxville to finally be reunited with her family.

Welsh is hoping that Ebi's heartwarming reunion will help spread awareness of just how important it is to microchip pets. He explained to Knox News, "I am using my personal time and money for this trek (to Knoxville) in the interest of promoting microchips and pet reunions. It's not something we could do every day, obviously, but this was important because it's a good way to promote microchipping, particularly for cats."

Congrats to the Drnec family on having Ebi back home where she belongs!

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