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Cat Clearly Heard Saying 'Hello' in Viral TikTok Video

There are plenty of videos all over social media that show dogs who appear to know how to talk, saying things like, "I love you," or "mama." But it's not often that cats are heard forming human words. One cat mom, however, seems to have captured a video in which her cat is clearly saying, "Hello," and it's pretty amazing if it's legit.

The video was shared by the @foulmeme account on TikTok, and it's captioned with, "I'm scared 💀." On the video itself is the text, "WHY IS MY CAT SAYING HELLO 💀 homeboy can talk all of a sudden." In the clip, which has over 4.5 million views, the cat is in a carrier in the car, so not directly in view of the camera, but you can hear the animal supposedly saying, "Hello," over and over again. 

The "hello" is totally spot on, right? Of course, since we can't see the cat, it's impossible to know if the sound is really coming from the cat carrier or if the clip is staged. But the voice really does sound cat-like, especially that last "hello" that has kind of an uptick and sounds closer to a "meow."

So far, commenters definitely think the cat is the one "talking" in the clip. Someone named @Hailey even said, "He has a southern accent." (He kinda does?) And another user noticed the same thing asking, Why does he sound southern?" There are also quite a few people who swear that their cats say "hello" as well, and one commenter, @crouton, thinks the cat in the carrier deserves a reply, saying, "I want to say hello to him."

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Don't we all? Obviously he had some sort of point that he was trying to get across and had no problem being vocal about it. If capturing mom's attention was his goal, he definitely succeeded! 

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