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Cat Clearly Says 'I Love You' in Video That Has People Stunned

Have you always wondered what animals are thinking? Or if they can understand what we're saying to them? Some owners are breaking out tools and training their pets how to communicate via sound buttons. Others, well, they just have far more advanced animals that can speak English and we'll never understand how! 

You might have seen this video before, but TikTok user @brookersaurus is posting it again, as it's started receiving views again after 3 years. The clip shows her mom's cat sitting on a dresser. The woman in the video says behind the camera to the cat, "I love you," and what the cat does next has us speechless! Did that talking cat really just say what we think it said?! See if you can hear this cat's response.

The words were soft, but the words were there! "No mistake what kitty is saying! How amazing! 🤪," said @dixiecarter368, and @spicenmee1 added, "You can see it get the throat ready to talk, amazing." The cat really prepped, took a breath and spoke! This is unreal! But also the cat is looking annoyed as if they go through this 100 times a day! Ha! 

@eRaness wrote, "Moms like "I Love you...❤️". Cats like... "Okay ...🙄.... lol." And the creator responded, "She  knows what to do to get a treat!" Well, she must be getting a million treats because this SO impressive! We wonder what other words she can say? "Claiming that I personally know this cat before she’s famous😉," said @Abigail🤠. 

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"The day my cat starts talking is the day I put her out to get a job. 😂🤣," joked @wezee4558. Honestly, same! How can our pets think they can live in our house rent free? Or maybe a talking pet can just bring in enough $$ for the household? One thing's for sure, this cat is one very entertaining and smart little animal.

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