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Cat Loves the Dog's Food So Much She Actually Screams for It

Remember the video of the cat who freaks out every time the automatic feeder goes out? Yeah, well, that feline has nothing on another cat named Chicken, who has an even stronger affinity for food. Of course, Chicken isn't obsessed with her own food. Nope. She likes the dog's canned, wet food, which is why she legit screams for it every time mealtime rolls around.

The video of Chicken going nuts for the food was shared on TikTok by @smolchickspicypep, and it will honestly make you laugh out loud. The text on the clip reads, "Chicken waits for me to drop dog food at feeding time." Check out how this gal does everything in his power to break into the food.

LOL! Her little noises and screams are just too much! People think Chicken definitely pleaded her case well as far as wanting the food goes. @Beanz joked, "Well, clearly Chicken made several good arguments." Another commenter, @Erin O'Connor added, "She just used every curse she could think of!" And @rae thinks her screams sound like a cartoon character, saying, "Chicken sounds like Donald Duck 😭." 

But despite Chicken's mom telling her she couldn't eat the dog food, it was pretty clear she wasn't about to take no for an answer! If nothing else, you have to give this funny cat props for sticking to her guns even when the cards were stacked against her.

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If this is how she acts with regard to the dog's food, we can't help but wonder what cat food does to her? We just might need a follow-up video to give us the scoop.

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