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Cat Gets Stuck on Top of the Colonnade in Vatican City Leaving Rescuers Baffled

There's no denying that cats are pretty incredible creatures, and their climbing skills are second-to-none, especially when it comes to trees. However, one tiny cat managed to climb to the top of the Colonnade surrounding St. Peter's Square in Vatican City, and no one knows how the animal scaled the 43-foot columns. The cat was stuck with no way to get down, so rescuers were called in.

Twitter videos and photos captured firefighters arriving on the scene to try and get the poor thing down. If you look closely at the one photo, you can see the cat cowering in the corner of one of the building's ledges.

Take another look at those columns. How in the heck did the little cat get up there?! That's certainly the question on everyone's mind after seeing this.

According to the National Catholic Register, exactly no one can figure out how it happened, given how high up the cat was.

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So, were firefighters able to rescue the kitty, or not? Well, yes and no. They reportedly tried to reach the cat several times and were unsuccessful, but then the animal got spooked by a rain shower and moved to a new part of the building, and eventually, hopped -- yes, hopped -- to the ground without a care in the world.

Vatican safety personnel then took the cat into their care, and supposedly people at the scene speculated that rescuers would find someone to adopt the feline.

Whoever winds up welcoming the cat into their home, let's just hope they're prepared and have a ladder handy, just in case this little one gets the urge to go scaling buildings once again.

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