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Cat Tries to Swat a Stink Bug and Gets an Unwelcome Surprise

Cats are curious creatures, and it's not uncommon for them to go after small animals and even insects. But one poor cat got the shock of her life after finding a stink bug crawling on the wall in her home.

The video of this unsuspecting kitty was shared on TikTok and has over 57,000 views, and it's all because of her reaction after she first tries to swat at the bug and then proceeds to sniff it. The clip starts off innocent enough, but just wait until you get to the end. 

LOL! There's no way to know what she was expecting after taking a whiff of that bug, but it's obvious that a foul stench was not on her radar! 

The video certainly has people cracking up in the comments. One user, @marykucera950 said, "I needed a good laugh today and that did it 😂." Another commenter, @KellyBenton added that her cat has discovered stink bugs, too, saying, "Omg, our cat just did this the other day, I was dying 😂." 

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Then there was @Tricia, who shared what happened when her cat went after one of these bugs. She said, "My cat licked one and started drooling everywhere. I took her to the vet (and was) just told it was a normal reaction to a stink bug." 

Well, there you go. Any human who has seen one in their home knows to keep their distance and to just leave the bug alone, but apparently cats just can't resist the allure of these tiny creatures. In fact, some might even have an affinity for them, as is indicated by @Kim Platek who noted, "My cat loves the darn things."

Something tells us the kitty in this particular video, however, has likely learned her lesson and will run in the opposite direction the next time she comes across one.

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