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Cat Takes Over Dad's Bed and Refuses to Give It Back in Viral Video

There are some cats who have pretty chill personalities, and then there are others who quickly take over every square inch of the family home. And apparently that's the case for a Neva Masquerade cat in Norway, who can't get over his dad having the audacity to try and steal his sleeping spot.

The video was shared on the cat's TikTok account, @laboonthewhale, and it's going viral with 5.2 million views. In the clip, you'll see the cat's owner open the bedroom door, where the feline is found happily resting on the bed. What happens next is just LOL funny.

Haha! He was all, "I don't think so, mister! There's no way you're sleeping in MY bed!" Viewers of the video can't get enough of the cat's protest and were quick to leave reactions in the comments. @Veloricca Jesson said, "You dare to come into my room, boy???" And @Charlie Heartfilia added, "HAHAHAHA so cute and fierce at the same time... 🥰🥰🥰."

One commenter, @eeek32 was worried the owner was about to get hurt, saying, "The fear in my heart when u touched that cat. Omg." JP, the creator of the video and owner of the cat, replied and reassured the concerned TikTok user that this little guy really does have a heart of gold, saying, "He acts tough, but he is just a big fluff ball haha."

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People also can't get enough of his cute little crab walk, which must be something that's typical for this cat breed. 

Do yourself a favor and check out some of this feisty feline's other TikTok videos, too. There are some real gems that his dad has shared of their adventures together. If only this cat knew what a dream life he's living!

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