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Cat Gets Trapped in Jacket Sleeve in Video That's Both Funny and Sad

It's no big secret that cats like to crawl into small spaces. Whether it's a box, drawer, a shoe, or basically anything they can squeeze themselves into, they have an "If I fits, I sits" mentality for sure. But one poor kitty wound up in a real pickle in a video that was uploaded to Reddit.

In the clip, the grey and white cat is trapped in a jacket sleeve, and two people in the home, presumably the cat's owners, come to the rescue to try figure out how to free the feline. It's one of those videos that's funny yet a little sad at the same time because you can't help but feel bad for the poor thing. There's also the question of how the kitty managed to get so far in there, given how tight the jacket is.

Even though it's impossible to know exactly what the couple is saying, unless you speak their language, of course, it seems like they were working as a team to try and free the poor cat. 

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But since the clip was shared on Reddit, naturally, people wanted to offer suggestions of how to get the cat out of the jacket. The post has over 300 comments, and some users offered their two cents on what to do. They suggested everything from pulling the sleeve back and trying to roll it inside out to just shoving the cat's head through until the animal pops out. One user, @acedelafloret even said, "Honestly my first instinct would've been to shake the jacket and hope he slides out🤣🤣."

A few commenters also chimed in and said they felt for the cat, as they feel the exact same way when putting on a pair of skinny jeans. (Ha!)

Everybody was glad to see the cat finally go free at the end of the clip, however. But this couple might want to think twice about leaving their jackets out where the cat can get to them from here on out. Given how curious this kitty is, odds are it has plenty of similar tricks up its sleeve.

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