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Cat's Stealthy Attempt to Steal Dog's Ball Totally Backfires

Sometimes cats and dogs really do get along, but that certainly wasn't the case with a dog-cat duo who went to battle over a tennis ball! A video of the two of them was shared by @mirium21 on TikTok, and the clip currently has over 830,000 likes, and it's pretty tough not to laugh after seeing what goes down.

As the video begins, you'll see the cat trying to be all stealthy while pawing at the ball and looking the dog right in the eyes. The look on his face is about as sneaky as it gets, and it's obvious that this feline thinks he's being pretty intimidating. The dog does seem kinda clueless at first, but just wait until the end of the clip.

LOL! Did that pooch scare the living daylights out of the cat, or what? The cat seemed to be thinking, "I'm big and bad and this ball will be mine... mwah-ha-ha!"

But it's the fact that the cat hits at the dog after that has people cracking up. As @PrincessJadeKitty stated, "The way he stole the ball but still had the audacity to smack the dogs paw 😂😂😂."

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Another commenter, @Dave Balmes created a fun dialogue for the cat, saying, "Nothing to see here. I'm not really taking your ball. Everything will be alright, just relax.' Touches dogs paw. 'Ahhh!!! Ok, it’s yours!!!'"

Right after the paw smack, that cat totally thought he was about to get away with it. But then the dog is all, "Not so fast! Don't you ever hit my paw or try and take my toy again!" 

Other TikTok users couldn't help but point out that the cat was giving off some serious Gollum from The Hobbit vibes, as if while pawing at the tennis ball, he's thinking, "Come to me, my precious!" (Too funny!)

Based on what went down in the clip, we probably shouldn't bet on these two ever being best friends. But they sure are entertaining together, that's for sure! 

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