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Cat Uses the Toilet Like a Person and People Are Shook

Training cats to use a litter box really isn't all that hard, but would you ever conceive of training them to use the toilet? Apparently one cat owner didn't even have to, as she discovered that her kitty somehow learned how to use the potty herself and has been doing it for quite some time.

A video of the bathroom-savvy cat was uploaded to the @kitten__city TikTok account, and not surprisingly, it's going viral with 4.4 million views and over 500,000 likes. It's kind of a long clip, but you'll want to watch the whole thing until the end. This cat clearly knows exactly what she's doing.

Ok, so who else was waiting for her to flush? Sure, being able to use the toilet is super impressive, but it would've been totally epic if she'd flushed the handle before jumping down. Needless to say, people can't get enough of this kitty's bathroom routine. @jeniferely082 said what we were all thinking while watching this: "I just spent 15 seconds of my life listening to a cat use the toilet 😂. I need a hobby 😂, but I will say, very impressive lol." 

Another user, @Vanessa Spiritual TikTok Mama wants to hire the woman who took the video, saying, "Ok, I’m jealous. Can I send you my three cats so you can potty train them?" And @Lian Goodman added, "I wish my cat had that talent!! And without training? That's super cool. 😂"

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Quite a few people also noted that it would be pretty cool if dogs could be taught to use the toilet as well, though the odds of that happening are pretty slim to none. But if this cat can figure out how to do it, surely there are other clever kitties who could probably learn to do the same!

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