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Cat's Daring Attempt to Walk the Perimeter of the Bathtub Is Downright Impressive

Even though it's a known fact that (most) cats hate water, that doesn't stop them from getting a little too close for comfort to it, duh, because they're totally confident they won't fall in. That's exactly what happened with one feline who dared to attempt to walk around the perimeter of a bathtub full of water. The whole thing was captured on video, and it's almost as if every step he took was perfectly calculated.

The video was shared on Reddit in the AnimalsBeingDerps channel, and it's captioned with, "My derpy boy's calculations are off by a few decimals." At first, it really looks like he's going to make it. But then...

D'oh! The poor thing! Each step he took was so careful, so it's impossible not to feel bad after watching him plop right into the water. His little face seemed to be saying, "You got this --  you're not gonna make a wrong step this time!" Aww. All it took was a split second for the whole attempt to go horribly wrong.

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As one commenter, @Voaxel pointed out, "You can see the exact moment he realizes a mistake has been made, too." @Cyber-Cafe replied with, "I’d say at 7 seconds, he realized his weight distribution on his legs was incorrect, and at 14 seconds, he finally realized there’s no fix."

The owner of the cat and uploader of the video jumped into the comments to let everyone know that even though this sweet boy wound up taking an unexpected dip, he's recovered just fine from the mishap. She said, "I am alive and well! So is the derp. He’s very gentle. I just scooped him up onto the bath mat. No scratches!"

It sounds like this probably isn't the first time the cat has put his fancy tightrope skills to the test while mom is in the tub. Let's send him good luck so hopefully, he'll fare a lot better next time! 

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