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Impatient Cat Begs Mom to Turn on Cartoons Each Morning Just Like a Human Kid

There are so many dogs who love to watch TV, but sometimes, cats like to get in on the action, too! One adorable kitty in particular can't get enough of her favorite cartoons, and she insists on starting her day by having mom turn on the TV. A video of Ella the cat was shared on TikTok by @ellawatchesTV_, and in less than 24 hours, it has 1.5 million views.

The text on the clip reads, "My morning routine consists of my cat waiting for me to turn on her cartoons." At the start of the video, you'll see Ella peering through the door at her mom, waiting for her to come into the living room and assist. What happens next is just too cute.

We laughed out loud when mom said, "It has to load!" Haha. We all know what it feels like when our favorite streaming services are lagging behind. One TikTok user, @lemon_angel commented on her subtle nagging, saying, "Her meows are lower case but crispy. 😂" Another commenter, @Aleena added, "Please tell me she has her own Netflix profile." (We all know she probably does.) And then there was @Terry McInnes, who pointed out just how focused Ella was on the screen, saying, "She's not even blinking, doesn't want to miss a thing 😅."

According to her owner, sometimes Ella can't wait until first thing in the morning to tune in for her favorite shows. When a commenter asked whether the owner ever gets woken up in the middle of the night, she replied, "Yes, actually 😭 because sometimes she scream-meows! Haha, it’s usually like 2AM or 3AM if she does, I’ve done a couple videos about it in the past! 🥰"

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Too funny. Hey, we can't really blame her for wanting to get her binge-watch on in the middle of the night. Sometimes, it's just too difficult to wait to see what happens on the next episode! 

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