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Video of Cat With Brain Disorder Trying Couch Stairs Is a True Example of Determination

Get ready to fall head over heels in love with a courageous little cat named Phoebe. This sweet gal suffers from a brain disorder called cerebellar hypoplasia, which is a condition that causes issues with balance and coordination. Phoebe's mom shared a video on TikTok to her account, @phoebethekitty, and in the clip, the sweet cat is trying to navigate couch stairs for the first time.

At first, she's having a tough time figuring out how to get herself onto the stairs. Her condition makes her very wobbly, and it's tough for her to even stay upright, let alone climb onto the stairs. However, Phoebe is clearly one very determined gal. Watch until the end to see what happens.

Her patience and hard work paid off! Aww. What an absolute sweetheart. TikTok can't get enough of this cat's sheer will to get up those stairs. @Ruby so eloquently stated, "The first step is always the hardest, and that's why she went for the second step right away."

Another commenter, @Tosha Brunner added, "I’m crying. SHE DID SO WELL!!! Good job, sweet girl 🥰." It's pretty safe to say that everyone who watched this clip is feeling a bit emotional after seeing it. And @Kim Williams chimed in with, "That little squeak at the beginning! 🥰 Awesome job, Phoebe!!! So proud of you!!"

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If anything, this video should serve as a reminder that it is possible to overcome obstacles and challenges, we just have to have the perseverance to push through. The next time we find ourselves thinking, "I can't do it," let's all think of Phoebe and allow her to be a source of inspiration to keep moving forward.

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