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Cat Hilariously Refuses to Let Mom Make the Bed

It's tough for anyone to get out of bed in the morning, especially for animals who are territorial about their favorite sleeping spot. In a new TikTok video posted by @neongtacocat, a woman's Ragdoll cat freaks out whenever she tries to make the bed, and his reaction is downright hilarious.

The clip is captioned simply with, "He won't let me make the bed," and it features a shot of the cat moving around on the bed with his mom giggling in the background. Wait until you get a load of his cute little protests.

How. Precious. Is. This. Cat?! There's no way he was about to let her make up that bed! He circles that bed as if to say, "Get off my turf, lady!" It's actually his walk that really has everyone laughing out loud. 

Comments on the walk are blowing up on the post. @fish jokingly said, "One must perform a ceremonial crab walk before one’s bed can be made." @Milly asked the perfect question about his strut: "Does he teach a dance class?" And @Amburlita added, "I love it when cats do their hunchback walk."

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Plenty of other TikTok users proclaimed that their cats do exactly the same thing whenever they try and change the sheets! 

Some people also thought the cat was embarrassed and/or offended after being caught guarding the bed. @Beatriz pointed out, "He got embarrassed you laughed, that’s why he started licking his paw." @prinxess.hafsa added, "He’s so offended 😂."

While the owner of this kitty might not want to count on getting to put fresh linens on the bed on the regular, at least she has a cat with such a huge personality to keep her company and make her laugh. What a character this little guy is! 

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