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Chelsea Handler's Boyfriend Gushes Over Her Dog in Sweet and Hilarious Video

Introducing your pets to a partner can be tough. You have to make sure they like who you're dating and that both parties are comfortable with each other. Plus, your pet has to get used to sharing you with someone else! Luckily, comedian Chelsea Handler's boyfriend has no problem with stepping into the family and proclaiming himself as Bert's new father.

Handler posted a TikTok video Sunday night that has over 159.3K views already. The video shows her fluffy Chow Chow named Bert laying in a dog bed with her boyfriend Jo Koy next to him. Koy is smothering Bert with love and exchanging hilarious words that poke fun at Handler. But on the receiving end, it seems as if Bert is just putting up with another boyfriend and thinking, "Here we go again!" 

Koy is cracking jokes about Handler and how she can never hold down a boyfriend. Uh-oh! Hopefully Koy didn't get put in the dog house himself for saying that! TikTok user @Auntie Erin commented," Not him using the dog to take shots at your dating history 😂." Bert's reaction seems as he agrees with this statement as he's seen plenty of potential fathers, but he doesn't want to admit it to mom! 

Koy said, "I'm your role model. I'm your father." This, of course, has users referring to Star Wars. @Rebecca Trachtenberg wrote, "Luke... I am your father." Koy's little laugh at the end made it that much better, or scary, depending on how you look at it! 

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"Bert is just like, geez, how is this one still around???" TikTok user @Bobino66 added. It seriously looks like Bert has been through this before! But with the giant hug, kisses and snuggle exchange, we know the two of them will get along just perfectly!

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