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Sad Labrador Carries His Teddy Bear for Comfort After Being Bullied by Other Dogs

Um, yeah... so are you ready for your heart to absolutely break into a million pieces? Because that's exactly what will happen after you meet this Chocolate Labrador named Ollie. In a TikTok video that was shared by @good.boy.ollie, you'll see the sweet little pup going out on a walk with his dad. He's carrying his favorite teddy bear in an effort to give himself some confidence.

As you'll see in the video, Ollie's dad explains that he's a very sensitive pup, and unfortunately, he was bullied by some other dogs in the village. Therefore, he carries his teddy bear out with him as a means of comfort. Just wait until you see this precious dog. We want to get our hands on those mean bullies! 

Bless his little heart. We know that dogs will be dogs, but how on earth did any responsible pet owner allow this poor pup to be bullied by their animals? People are totally ready to go to bat for Ollie. As @Laura Flo Cowen said, "Just point them out, we got your back Ollie." We certainly do! Another TikTok user, @D asked the question we're all thinking: "Whose mum do we need to talk to, Ollie?!" Seriously. We'd all like to have a little chit chat with the other dogs' owner(s). And @Honeey! Squad wanted Ollie to know we're all on his side, saying, "Aww, no Ollie! You're the best boy and remember all your TikTok supporters! Don’t listen to those toxic, jealous dogs! You're the best boy! 🥰" 

One more commenter offered his pup to play with Ollie, saying, "Who bullies Ollie?! My Bubba would be honoured to have a play date." Aww. SO many dogs would be thrilled to play with this adorable boy!

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We sure hope the next time Ollie runs into those dogs that they're a lot kinder to him. And if they're not? TikTok will be coming for them! 

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