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Chris Evans Shares First Photo of Dog 'Dodger' We've Seen in Months

It's been a while since actor Chris Evans gave us a glimpse of his adorable dog, Dodger. Until today, the last photo he posted of the pup was from November 2021, and people were so thrilled to see his return to Instagram. 

The image is captioned simply with, "All of it. ❤️" By "all of it," we're assuming he just means he loves everything about the photo, and the dog in it, of course! In the first 20 minutes of the pic being posted, it already had hundreds of thousands of likes, so we can expect that number to climb into the millions. How sweet is this guy?!

Celebrities and regular people alike are falling in love with his sweet face and couldn't resist leaving comments, and nearly every one of them includes heart emojis. 

Chris and Dodger are so much more than just best buds. They're two peas in a pod, and Chris even joked that the two of them are twins!

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And how about this video Chris shared of the moment he met and rescued this sweet pup? He wasn't even planning on adopting a dog, but after coming across Dodger in a shelter in Savannah, Georgia, he just couldn't resist him. If this doesn't prove that they were meant to be together, nothing will. 

Honestly, we're not sure which of them is luckier to have the other? Let's just call it a tie, shall we?

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